Denzil Kelly
Portrayed by Reece Douglas
First Appearance Series 4 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 30
Cause/Reason Died from being hit by a lorry whose driver was twice over the drinking limit
Died 2012
Occupation Student
Mother Rose Kelly
Half-Brothers Marley Kelly
Earl Kelly
Prince Kelly
Half-Sisters Sambuca Kelly (Deceased)
Nephews Unnamed
Romances Emily James
Shona Mansfield

Denzil Kelly (1997 - 2012) the third son and fourth of five children of Rose Kelly. He became a pupil of Waterloo Road at age 11 and died aged 15, hit by a drunk truck driver on his way to Scotland. He died some months after his sister's death from a brain tumor. He was particulary close to Tom ClarksonPhoenix Taylor and Scout Allen. Denzil struggled to adjust to Waterloo Road and has behavioural problems which are a result of his chaotic family environment, his mother's alcoholism and having always been labelled ‘thick’ by peers and adults alike. Far from being stupid though, he’s actually very bright in his own cheeky way. Denzil sometimes struggles to fit in and often finds himself ‘playing the big man’ but it’s all an act and he is a kind and soft person inside.Denzil is easily influenced by others such as his criminal older brother Earl, and bad boy Kyle Stack. However his other older siblings Marley and Sambuca always lead him back on track. During his time at Waterloo Road Denzil was best friends with Emily JamesScout Allen and Phoenix Taylor and good friends with Rhona and Shona Mansfield. When the Rochdale school closed Denzil made the decision to move to Scotland with his friends. As the group took photos at the Scottish boarder a drunk lorry driver ran into them and Denzil tragically died. Denzil was portrayed by Reece Douglas.

Denzil was renowned for his knowledge of quantum physics, his skill on the trapeze and a fondness for Def Leppard.

Series Four Edit

The Kelly family - one year old Prince, 12 year old Denzil, 14 year old Sambuca, 16 year old Earl and 17 year old Marley - arrived at Waterloo Road on Series 4 Episode 1, along with their alcoholic mother Rose. Denzil finds it hard at first, looking terrified as he struggles to read out a simple paragraph in class, but begins to cheer up as his new English teacher offers him help outside of school. He later discovers that Earl brought a gun into school, but is impressed and finds it funny when Earl terrorizes Paul Langley and Bolton Smilie. When Miss Mason discovers that there is a gun in the school, Earl tells Denzil to take it, assuring him that the police will be much fairer on him because of his age. A scared Denzil agrees, but when the police discover him they are not as lenient as Earl lead him to believe and he ends up in a Young Offenders Institute. He remains there for some time until Earl murders Maxine Barlow, giving Bolton and Paul the courage to confess that it was Earl with the gun. 

Denzil finally then begins to settle in at Waterloo Road and is even convinced by his sister Sambuca to form a choir with Lauren, Aleesha and Danielle. Together they get others to join and with the help of their music teacher Matt Wilding they enter and win a choir competition.

Series FiveEdit

When Denzil returns in series five he gets off on the wrong foot with new executive head Max Tyler. Max does not like Denzil's attitude and forces him to scrub walls as punishment.

He later finds friendship with new pupil Emily James. Although they have both come from different backgrounds the fact that they have both faced adversity at a young age draws them together and Denzil supports Emily during her father's death and mother's trial.

Denzil also performs in the school talent show with a group of boys under the name "The Waterloo Road Crew". They dance to Dizee Rascal's "Bonkers".

Series SixEdit

When Denzil feels he is not getting enough attention from his mum at home he begins hanging out with Waterloo Road's newest bad boy Kyle Stack. Striving for attention Denzil happily takes part in a series of silly stunts to impress Kyle and others, including a secret drinking competition with fizzy drinks. Denzil wins the competition, but later throws up at the fashion show and is taken to hospital by a furious Tom Clarkson. In the next episode, he sets up some equipment in the changing rooms to give himself higher and higher electric shocks. Emily James tells Tom Clarkson, who again saves him at the last minute. Despite promising never to do anything like it again, the next episode shows Denzil's biggest stunt yet. He walks across a thin strip of bridge over a road and gets Kyle to film it and send it to his sister Sam. Denzil tries to come down when Mrs Fisher, Tom Clarkson, Sam and Finn all come to his rescue, with an ambulance on its way, but trips and is left hanging from his hands. Finn climbs up and helps him off, but falls himself and injures his back. This marks the end of all Denzils stunts.

Series SevenEdit

When Denzil's older sister Sambuca is diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, Denzil was worried that Tom wouldn't stay with him and his mother Rose. English teacher and family friend Tom Clarkson moves in with the Kelly's in an attempt to help them. Denzil frequently becomes upset at school notably during a maths lesson where he can't help but cry. After class Chalky keeps him back to try and console him and Denzil admits his fears about will happen next. He also confides in Chalky about the guilt he is feeling over not wanting Tom to leave after Sam dies, as he felt they were finally a proper family. When Sam passes Denzil is sitting outside her door with their younger brother Prince.

After this Denzil have some hard times to deal with his sister's death, for exemple he said to new pupil, Scout who talked with him in the maths class, "just shut up!" when Emily James said to her "just leave him alone, he just lost his sister" which Denzil answered "yes, thanks Em". Denzil later attacked the same pupil who stole Sambuca's jacket but was stopped by Tom and Rose.

In the following term Denzil becomes friends with Phoenix and Scout and the trio regularly get up to mischief. Denzil develops a crush on Scout but she likes Phoenix instead.

When Waterloo Road in Rochdale is closed down, Denzil took Michael up on the opportunity to join his friends at the new Scotland school. When they are travelling to Scotland together on the bus, Denzil asks for it to be stopped at the border. As everyone stands outside the sign to take a picture, Grantly Budgen proposes to Maggie Croft. A lorry is then seen swerving on the road, speeding towards them. Denzil was killed instantly and Tariq Siddiqui is left in a wheelchair. The driver was twice over the drinking limit. There was a memorial in the school for Denzil as Tom is unable to talk about Denzil as he is feeling guilty due to Tom's promise to Rose that he would take care of Denzil.

He was played by Reece Douglas.