Darren Hughes
Portrayed by Mark Beswick
First Appearance Beyond The Call Of Duty (Series 9 Episode 1)
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 20
Cause/Reason End of the programme
Occupation Student
Parents Sammy Hughes (Deceased)
Romances Rhiannon Salt

Darren Hughes is a pupil from the Class of 2014

He does everything that Barry Barry tells him to do and always gets into trouble.

He also ate Magic Mushrooms with Barry Barry in History Week when Simon Lowsley was suppose to be keeping an eye on his group in The forest.

Darren Hughes has also had a storyline with Rhiannon Salt where he had been taking indecent images of her. He later had a similar storyline were he was caught taking a picture up Rhianon's skirt.

In Series 10 Episode 1 he moved into the schoolhouse after his mum Sammy died of a drug overdose.


At first glance, Darren is lackadaisical, reckless and overtly energetic. He is always one for a joke, be it on a pupil, teacher or even himself. Darren and Lenny become good friends. Darren and Barry ate magic mushroom when they went into the forest. He is also known to many pupils as a pervert as he is usually caught with indecent images on his mobile phone. However by the end of the show, he has gone from an arrogant bully to a kind,although scruffy.

In series 10 episode 11 Darren and his girlfriend Rhiannon have arguments over Bonnie Kincaid and Dale Jackson. Darren's home life wasn't so good either as his mother, Sammy, had an abusive boyfriend who hated kids. He lived on a run down estate in a one bedroomed flat. In episode 1 Darren is seen at the school house sleeping on the floor of Lenny Brown's bedroom. Later Darren finds his mum dead. Jumping to conclusions, Darren blames the abusive boyfriend but it turns out Sammy died from an over dose. Darren then moves into the school house.

Trivia Edit

  • Mark Beswick also played a mouthy extra in series 4 episode 13

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