Series Five Episode {{{number 2}}}
S9 EP5
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Audrey’s sussed out the twin’s plan to scam her out of money and calls in their estranged grandfather for back up.  George is devastated over Princess’ exit and Christine finally clicks he can’t teach Mandarin without her.  Meanwhile Connor discovers hidden talents in the Home Economics class.

Audrey is disappointed to find that the twins were behind an attempt to scam her online and calls their estranged grandfather Laurence, a retired sergeant major, in a bid to straighten them out.  However, she doesn’t bank on him actually turning up at the school and the very uncomfortable reunion that follows.

Laurence begins to win over the other pupils with his tales of the war, and though Lenny starts to warm to the idea of his grandfather back in their lives, Lisa reacts badly and launches an attack on Laurence.  When Lenny sides with his grandfather, Lisa balks and makes off with Laurence’s most precious possessions – his war medals.  It’s up to Audrey to track her down and reconcile the family before Lisa’s pride splits them up for good.

Meanwhile, George is left reeling after Princess walks out on him and turns to the bottle to cope.  When he eventually turns up to school, Connor notices he’s too hungover to teach and demands Christine take action.  Christine twigs that without Princess, George’s grasp of Mandarin in non-existent and furious, delivers him an ultimatum.

Elsewhere, Connor stumbles into a Home Economics class and, finding a new found talent, contemplates cooking as a new career path.  Christine isn’t pleased and dismisses the idea as foolish, causing yet another fight between mother and son.