Cooler room 1
The Cooler was introduced by Andrew Treneman in Series 1 Episode 2 to dicipline students. This room is also used to help students to calm down after they had been in a fight or sent out of lessons by the teachers.

If they are sent to the cooler it's usually occupied by a teacher that is on duty for the rest of the lesson, students only stay in the cooler for the rest of the lesson then they are sent back to normal class.

Teachers only really send the students to the cooler if they are misbehaving or they fight then they are sent there then that teacher or the Headteacher goes to sort it out. This is instead of keep sending them to the Headteacher.

It is possibly also used for when pupils serve detentions outside lesson hours.

Cooler room

Seating area in the Cooler.

Cooler door

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