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Christopher mead
Chris Mead
Portrayed by William Ash
First Appearance Series 5 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 7 Episode 10
Cause/Reason Realised he would always get too involved with the safety of the pupils. This was proven with Jodi "Scout" Allen.
Occupation Science Teacher, Deputy Head (2009-11)
Parents Oliver Mead
Romances Rachel Mason
Kim Campbell
Anna Reid
Jess Fisher

Christopher "Chris" Mead is a former Deputy Head and Science Teacher at Waterloo Road.

Chris got through life utilising his boy-next-door charm and personable demeanour, but there is something more substantial behind his laid-back façade. Chris gives up his champagne lifestyle as a commercial lawyer to join Waterloo Road as a science teacher. Chris is a favourite both amongst the pupils and in the staffroom – no one can fault his dedication to his profession as he quickly zoomed up the ranks to become Deputy Head. A brief relationship with Kim Campbell in Series Five soon ended when she had a baby from a previous relationship (Max) and felt the need to dedicate herself totally to motherhood.

Karen saved Chris’s job at the end of Series Six, despite knowing that he’s unwittingly bedded her youngest daughter Jess Fisher, who was also a pupil at the school. Chris continues to get too involved in the lives of his pupils and decides to leave the school after getting heavily involved in Scout’s impoverished family, becoming more like a surrogate father to her. This incident made him realise that teaching was not for him and he left Waterloo Road and he went on to being a counsellor.


Christopher Mead arrived as the new Head of Science in Series 5 Episode 1, as part of the merge between 'snobby' John Fosters and 'scummy' Waterloo Road. He easily made pals with both pupils and staff, and was always seen as the peacemaker of the two schools' merge. He got on well with Waterloo Road Headteacher Rachel Mason and art teacher/pastoral care head Kim Campbell, and also seemed to be the only one that dark John Fosters head Max Tyler valued even slightly in opinion.

His first real dilemma came up in the form of Year 12 pupil Vicki MacDonald. An intelligent student, Vicki had the promise of achieving an A* grade in Christopher's class. However, she was frequently absent and late with coursework. When confronted by Chris, Vicki admitted that 'work' interfered with everything academically. Chris, thinking it would help, then offered to assist in tutoring her. This came under scrutiny by fellow pupils, even those who weren't involved in GSCE coursework yet, so Mr Mead told them to revise the periodic table - if they could complete this task, they too could join. Vicki then disappeared, after having her phone confiscated by Chris. He searched through it and discovered that Vicki worked at a sleazy strip club downtown. He proceeded to follow her there and caught her in a gaudy revealing outfit, pole dancing. She threatened the science teacher, saying if he dared tell the school about her current profession, she'd spread the rumour that he was touching her up. Her friend, Lindsay James then told the entire school: 'Mr Mead is a paedophile and he won't stop until he's touched everyone. Just ask Vicki.' When she saw Mr Mead helping out her younger sister, Emily James, Lindsay went off the rails and called Chris a 'pedo' in front of Emily's whole class. Vicki made sure she caught Chris in compromising positions and took candid photos as evidence, which she showed to Lindsay. Rachel ended up discovering the whole situation after Amy Porter and Siobhan Mailey posted a video they'd made involving photos of Christopher's bottom and face. It almost ended up with Chris being suspended, pending a further investigation. However, Chris realised that Vicki was earning money as a stripper thanks to her father being unemployed and bed bound. He then made it the school's job to help Vicki and her father, and the whole teacher/pupil relationship accusation was dropped.

Problems later arose when Max, executive head, started a secret hate campaign to eventually get Rachel thrown out of school so he could have the top spot. He dated her colleague and good friend, Kim, who eventually fell in love with him. He also ended up clashing with Chris, especially when Chris found out that Max was still married and partly in a relationship with his wife. When this resulted in Kim calling time on her relationship with Max, Chris was relieved. However, it soon emerged that Max had had a fling with fellow colleague Helen Hopewell, and she received the job at John Fosters purely based on this and not her skill. Chris, like many other members of staff, was outraged at this news. Rachel then confessed to Chris that Max had been to her home and pushed bed against the wall threateningly. Chris warned Max of what he now knew, and their 'acquaintanceship' came to an abrupt end, as Chris made it clear he would stick by Rachel. After Max assaulted Rachel's nephew Philip Ryan in a fit of rage, Max was fired and Rachel and Chris enjoyed a brief relationship.

Yet again, Chris became embroiled with Kim's life. After his fling with Rachel ended, and Kim discovered she was pregnant (with Max's child), Chris vowed to stick by Kim and the baby. Kim and the unborn child almost died when fellow colleague Tom Clarkson drove them to the hospital during Kim's labour. Tom's son Josh Stevenson had spiked Tom's dinner just hours before and Tom collapsed at the wheel. However, Kim safely gave birth to a healthy baby boy who she later named Dexter. Chris and Kim maintained a relationship for a few weeks, before Kim tearfully broke up with Chris as she realised that Dexter had to be her one and only priority, as he was always going to be everything she had in her life, and she left Waterloo Road for a new life ahead.

It all seemed calmer for a while after, with Rachel departing with new boyfriend Adam Fleet, until the Fishers arrived in Series 6. New Headteacher Karen Fisher stormed the school with her children Jess FisherHarry Fisher and later Bex Fisher, along with husband Charlie Fisher. Chris slept with a girl the night before the first day of school, believing she was 24. However, to his horror, the girl turned out to be sixteen-year-old Jess Fisher, the daughter of Chris' boss. Jess refused to allow Chris to forget what had happened and vowed to make his life hell for turning her down once he realised who she was. Eventually, Chris was forced to come clean to Karen. Karen, however, decided not to inform the board of governors with a bit of persuasion from Jess. Bex's short-lived return, and the breakup of her marriage. Chris remained deputy head until Series 7 Episode 10 when he left because he thought he got to involved in the pupils life's like, Sleeping with "Jess" and getting involved with Scouts personal life and with Vicki's personal life aswell.

Alas, Chris' time was not left longer. New pupil Scout Allen proved to be a challenge for Chris. She came from a troubled household and difficult background, and although fairly bright, she struggled to use that academically. Her younger bother Liam was taken into care and her mother abandoned her. Chris became more of a surrogate father to Scout, growing to care deeply for her as if she were his own child. However, this helped him realise that he would always be too close to the children in a fatherly way - this was proved with the likes of Vicky, Jess and Scout. He decided to change career paths for a third and final time, and become a counsellor for children like Scout.

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