Carol Barry
Portrayed by Zöe Lucker
First Appearance Series 8, Ep 11
Last Appearance Series 10, Episode 3
Cause/Reason Fired for faking a broken ankle
Occupation Barmaid

Dinner Lady

Spouse(s) Neil Barry
Romances George Windsor
Children Barry Barry (1994)
Dynasty Barry(1995)
Kacey Barry(1997)
Outwardly Carol Barry is a glam single mother struggling to raise her three unruly kids, but is in fact the iron-fisted matriarch of the Barry family’s criminal empire. While often tough on her two daughters, eldest son and apple of her eye Barry can do no wrong. Fiercely loyal and protective of all her kids, woe betide anyone who angers this lioness. Carol decides to air the family's problems on The Julian Noble Show. Carol wants to get rid of Kevin out of Dynasty's love life until it is learned that his mother Daisy had kicked Kevin out when he was just 10 years old. Horrified of this revelation, Carol defends Kevin and slaps Daisy in the face saying she doesn't deserve kids. She then finally accepts Kevin in her daughter's life.

Carol needed money for her family and so she became a barmaid at the local pub but is forced to leave after George Windsor punches the sleazebag of a landlord in the face. Carol then became a dinner lady at Waterloo Road School and has been ever since.

Halfway through Series Nine Carol embarks on a rocky relationship with Foreign Languages teacher George Windsor. George's mother took an immediate distaste to Carol when they first met.


"I'm your worst nightmare, cheques payable to Carol Barry"

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