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Barry Barry
Portrayed by Carl Au
First Appearance Series 8 Ep 11 Bad Boy
Last Appearance Series 9 Ep 18 Dynasty's Choice
Cause/Reason Arrested for smuggling people into the country.
Occupation Student Criminal
Parents Carol Barry (Mother)
Neil Barry (Father - In Prison)
Sibling(s) Dynasty Barry (Sister)
Kacey Barry (Sister)
Romances Olivia McAllister
Rhiannon Salt
Gabriella Wark

Barry Barry is a former pupil of Waterloo Road, he has two younger sisters, Dynasty Barry and Kacey Barry.

At his first day at school, he entered into a feud with Jack McAllister because he slept with Jack's mother, later he entered into a feud with Kevin Chalk because Kevin dated his sister Dynasty and with Kyle Stack, who is seen as a rival.

Barry Barry and his two younger sisters, Dynasty and Kacey Barry, are from Liverpool. The three Barry children live with their Mother, Carol Barry, as their father, Neil Barry, is in prison for armed robbery. Barry is one of Waterloo Road's many troublemakers, he is always the first to blame when something bad happens at the school. His Mother believes that he is a very strong open minded young man but this statement does not match what the school has to say about him.

In series 9 episode 10, Barry steals charity fund for his sister and his mother tells him she doesn't want anything ever to do with him. Once spring term has started, it appears as though Barry is no longer at Waterloo Road. However, Barry Barry moved back in (series 9 episode 14).

Barry is now in prison because he was smuggling illegal immigrants into the county ( he was moving down south so the girls can work).


Barry is described as calculating, cruel, avaricious and manipulative. He had a penchant for extorting people into unfair deals, notably Kevin Chalk and Sue Lowsley. He is quite intelligent with a sharp intellect and a considerable degree of personal cunning. He was also callous enough to blackmail Sue Spark in order to both keep the class in control and to earn money for himself. Despite the fact that he maintains a calm and reserved demeanor, he was very fierce, a trait shared in the Barry family, and demanded respect. Another example of his ferocity is when Kacey finds out he stole the money for her to go to Miami, to which he responds bitterly. He loved his sister, Kacey, and appeared to care about her at least a little bit.

Barry's only ambition in life, it seems, is money.

Quotes Edit

  • "Why are them trees following us?"
  • "Maybe it's a spy goat...."

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