Series Eleven Episode {{{number 2}}}
S9 EP11
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
Production Company Shed Production (WR) Ltd
Credits See List

A beautiful new girl enrols in the school but doesn’t waste any time in causing mayhem amongst both staff and pupils with her outrageous behaviour.  Simon launches his new Resilience Education plan to make the pupils tougher and Nikki returns from the holidays with a new love interest.

When blonde bombshell Gabriella Wark explodes on the scene, she immediately causes problems for staff and pupils.  Gabriella is sassy, smart and stunning but has already had her marching orders from several schools for her disruptive behaviour. With her sights firmly set on hot new PE teacher Hector this is one girl who won’t blend into the school furniture.

Newlywed Simon’s brand new Resilience Education scheme kicks off the new term with a bang and a disagreement with Christine. But he’s determined to prove that this is exactly what the school needs to get the pupils ready for life in the real world.

Nikki is enjoying the bliss of a brand new relationship with Sue’s sister Vix and is unaware that she’s also caught the attention of someone else.

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