Andi O'Donell was a student at Waterloo Road during Series Seven, who is an outsider and extremely unpopular.

In series 7 episode 19, Andi made her first appearance. She was very unpopular. She came to Waterloo Road as her mum was broadcasting the local radio show. The show was made at the school and some pupils were chosen to share stories live on it. Scout and Emily stole Andi's clothes in the changing rooms and Ronan came to help. Later Emily and Scout admitted to what they had done and gave Andi her clothes. They decide to become friend and Andi agrees to let Emily give her a makeover. They tell her to go talk to Ronan . Andi asks him to go to the park wher she tries to kiss him and she asks to have sex. Ronan doesn't let her. She is angry and calls the radio show where her mum answers live on radio. She says what has happened and says she is not a virgin. For this, Ronan later gets suspended but then later admits it is a lie.

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