Allie Westbrook
Portrayed by Nicola Stephenson
First Appearance Series 10 Episode 1
Last Appearance Series 10 Episode 10
Romances Vaughan Fitzgerald
Sons Floyd Westbrook
Daughters Tiffany Westbrook

Allie Westbrook serves as the true anti-hero of Series 10 part 1. She joins Waterloo Road in late 2014 as the new Head of Art. She arrives at the School with fellow partner and new Head Teacher Vaughan Fitzgerald and her children Floyd and Tiffany.

Allie later left Waterloo Road at the end of the term when her relationship with Vaughan became too complicated. Both needed to take care of their respective families.


Allie is a committed and capable teacher. Passionate about art, she’s the kind of cool teacher the students can relate to. Allie and Vaughan met as teachers at their last school. They began an affair, which led to VSepaughan leaving his wife and sons to be with Allie.She’s very close to her children Floyd and Tiffany, and the move to Waterloo Road is a new start for all of them. Her relationship with Vaughan soon comes under strain from the amount of resentment and bitterness felt by his eldest son, Justin.

Series 10 Autumn Term

Allie had a rough start to Waterloo Road, on her first day Vaughan's estranged wife, Olga, turned up at the school with their two sons Justin and Leo Fitzgerald. Later that day Justin started a fight with Allie's son Floyd, beginning a feud between them. Later, at their house Justin slams a door at Allie's head, she later tells Vaughan she walked into a wardrobe.

In episode two, Allie hears complaint after complaint about the boys' behaviour and asks Simon Lowsley to arrange a mediation between them, this inevitabley fails and leads to Justin throwing a tin at George Windsor's head, he later resigns warning Vaughan and Allie that Justin will only get worse. Allie later has the idea of a virtual baby scheme to prevent underage sex at the school.

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She implements this new strategy in episode three, and spends alot of time with Rhiannion Salt and Shaznay Montrose teaching them about mothering a baby. After Justin smashes one of the virtual babies, Allie goes to Vaughan for comfort and ends up telling him Justin hit her head, Vaughan then angrily confronts Justin over this and puts him into isolation.

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Allie and Tiffany

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Allie, Vaughan, Justin and Leo

Behind the Scenes

Nicola Stephenson filmed on Waterloo Road as part of the ninth series, filming September to October 2013

December 2013 photo by tom stevenson 20131216 1302178934

Filming, December 2013


"Absolutely, you are one sexy headteacher." (First line, spoken to Vaughan)