Ali Redback
Portrayed by Kirsty Armstrong
Cause/Reason Left the school
Occupation Student
Romances Kyle Stack
Children One son

Ali Redback was a student of Waterloo Road.

She was raped by her stepfather, who got her pregnant. She gave birth to the baby with boyfriend Kyle Stack thinking it was his.

Her stepfather wanted to give their son to adoption but Ali was not okay with this, she asked Kyle to run away with her, but they were seen by Christopher Mead. They began to run when Karen Fisher, Ali's mother and stepfather arrived, Kyle tried to defend Ali but he was punched by her stepfather. Kyle later stand up and was attacked by Ali's stepfather until Chris Mead punched him. Her stepfather was later arrested while Kyle and Ali come back at school, Kyle is depressed because he thougt that the baby boy was his son, but Chris comforts him by saying him he acted great by defending Ali.

Ali and her son were later taken into care by social services. What became of them afterwards is unknown.