Adam Deardon is played by Jon Ball.

First EpisodeEdit

Adam Deardon was a pupil at Waterloo Road for the first series and first episode. He sadly died in a car accident. The car, which was a limo, belonged to Donte Charles' dad Clarence Charles. Adam is also the twin brother of Yasmin Deardon who was very upset after her brothers death.


From when we first see Adam you think he is like many other teenage boys, mouthy, not caring and rude. But when he is in the limo with his girlfriend Holly, Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles he is very lively and likes to drink alcohol like many of the other Waterloo Road students.

Adam's DeathEdit

Adam was in a limo with Holly, Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles (who was driving) when he died. Adam was drinking alcohol while standing out of the sun roof of the limo. Chlo was very drunk as she climbed onto Donte's lap. As Donte couldn't see anything, a truck crashed into the limo which left Holly in a coma, Adam dead, Chlo with a broken wrist and Donte being picked on for accidently killing Adam.

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