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S9 EP16
Created By Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick
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Chalky makes a return to Waterloo Road to lend support to Kevin ahead of his bursary interview, but events take a dire turn when Kevin unexpectedly suffers a stroke. Nikki tries in vain to hide her betrayal from Vix and Audrey vows to support Lula when she’s threatened with deportation.

Kevin is a bag of nerves as his university bursary interview looms despite the legendary Chalky arriving to lend his support.  Kevin’s anxiety gets the better of him and he and Dynasty bicker over their very different ideas about the future.  Before they can reconcile, Kevin suddenly collapses and is rushed to hospital, sending shock waves rippling through the school.

Full of regret, Nikki frantically tries to cover up her one night stand with Hector but when a vindictive Gabriella finds out, she sets out to destroy Nikki’s relationship with Vix.

Lula’s overjoyed to be offered a university placement but her excitement is short-lived when her family is threatened with deportation.